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Stellar Drive ToolBox

Keep your Mac healthy with power packed maintenance & optimizing Toolbox . Drive ToolBox is a set of 14 must-have utilities to keep your Mac healthy.

  • Optimizes Mac performance by removing unwanted files and applications
  • Performs partitioning such as creating, deleting, formatting and resizing Mac partitions
  • Easily clones your Mac hard drive or creates a mountable drive or volume image
  • Defrags Mac hard drive to achieve peak system performance
  • Encrypts important files and folders to protect user data

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*Free Download Provides preview of recoverable or repairable data. To save the data you need to buy the software.

Features of Stellar Drive Toolbox for Mac


Stellar Drive Toolbox a combination of 14 most remarkable Mac utilities to help you protect, optimize, improve your Mac performance. Check out below what Stellar Drive ToolBox has for you.


Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is a single place where you can manage and schedule different modules of the application. This feature gives you the ability to manage tasks involving protecting the drive data, improving the drive performance, and monitoring the hard disk temperature. With Smart Mac Care, you can schedule SpeedUp Mac, Drive Monitor, Wipe, Volume Repair, and Shield features of Stellar Drive ToolBox.

drive monitor

Drive Monitor

Drive Monitor performs continuous monitoring of your hard drive behind the scenes to make you aware of the actual health of the hard drive and any potential threats that may cause data loss. This exceptional piece of utility tracks the real-time SMART parameters periodically and gives you warnings if a problem is encountered. The tool can provide information about your drives and volumes, and detect bad sectors.

Drive Defrag

Smart Finder

Smart Finder facilitates easy and expeditious searching for files and folders on your Mac. With this feature, you have flexible options to display and view the data of a folder, directory, or drive. You can display the content of your drive in Graphical view, Column view and List view, and perform various sorts of actions on the selected files, including 'Open', 'Reveal in Finder', and 'Remove'



With Benchmark, you have the edge of comparing the performance of your drive with that of other standard systems. The tool gives you an option to perform different drive performance tests (by evaluating data transfer speeds during various read/write operations) and compare the results with a chosen base value in graphical chart representations. You can save the output as a report for future use or send it as an email message.

SpeedUp Mac

SpeedUp Mac $29 Value

SpeedUp Mac allows you to easily remove all unwanted applications and files from your Mac system that eats up your processing power and consume a lot of system resources. You can significantly enhance your system performance by deleting all unused large files, duplicate files, language files, universal binaries, and more from your boot volume and other secondary Mac volumes.

Partition Manager

Partition Manager $39 Value

Partition Manager allows you to efficiently perform all partitioning tasks on your Mac hard drive, such as creating, deleting, formatting, hiding/revealing, shifting or resizing partitions. With this Mac partitioning software, you can easily manage your Mac boot volume by creating a bootable Mac DVD. The 'Shift' and 'Resize' options can help you generate more free space, whereas choosing 'Hide/Reveal' allows you protect the partition from illicit user access.

Drive Defrag

Drive Defrag $39 Value

Drive Defrag enables you to smoothly arrange files and metadata on your Mac drive by collecting logically related segments of a file and making them occupy contiguous locations on the disk. The software helps you achieve faster load times and high Mac performance by reducing the amount of file system fragmentation and optimizing scattered portions of free space.

Drive Clone

Drive Clone $39 Value

Drive Clone helps you create an exact bit-by-bit replica of your Mac hard drive or volume to another drive, volume, folder, or a network drive. This drive cloning tool makes the best use of your disk space by resizing volumes on the destination drive. You can also use the software to create backup images or bootable DVDs and later restore your system to its original state in the event of a hard drive crash.


Wipe $29 Value

Wipe acts as a complete cleaner for Mac by permanently erasing all traces of sensitive, confidential, unused, and unwanted data from your system. By smoothly wiping your files, folders, Internet activity, Instant messaging, System traces, etc. from Mac hard drives; the utility helps to protect your data from prying eyes and diminish all chances of a possible identity theft.

Drive Initialize
Drive Initializer

The Drive Initialize module allows you to quickly format your Mac hard drive and create a new HFS+ or FAT 32 partition. The software allows you to choose from three partition map types, i.e. GUID Partition Table, Apple Partition Table and Master Boot Record. This Mac disk initializer can help you convert your Intel-based Mac hard disk to an Apple partition for making it compatible with all PowerPC Macs.

Surface Scan

Volume Repair

The volume Repair module checks and verifies a Mac volume for all potential problems. The software scans your Mac volumes for file system inconsistencies and subsequently, repairs the corrupt volume. It also verifies permissions of a set of files and folders on the Mac boot volume. You can use the 'Rebuild' option to verify and repair the volume simultaneously.



Shield is a deleted file recovery tool that takes snapshots of your system area at a scheduled time and creates complete backup images of your hard drive. You can use these backup image files to effortlessly recover all your accidentally deleted files and folders. The software enables you to schedule imaging routines on every reboot, everyday, or on a specified date and time.

Raw Data Editor
Raw Data Editor

Raw Data Editor displays all data stored on your hard drive in the hex format. This data comprises the offset value, hex format and the ASCII value. With this advanced tool, you can reset the offset value of any corrupt file and rectify all the file errors. This can help you fix any minor corruption in your disk file structure. This tool is recommended only for the advanced Mac users.

Data Encryptor
Data Encryptor $39 Value

Data Encryptor facilitates easy encryption and decryption of your critical files and folders. You can set a desired password to the chosen file and simultaneously, hide the encrypted file. The phenomenal tool allows you to locate the hidden encrypted file in your system and also, conveniently replace that encrypted file with the original one.

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*Free Download Provides preview of recoverable or repairable data. To save the data you need to buy the software.