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* Free Download software to remove log files,system junks, trash, leftovers
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Stellar Speed Up Mac smartly cleans up Mac disk by removing unwanted files and Mac applications.
This is the tool that will turn your slow and unresponsive Mac in to a Super-Fast machine…


With the Demo Version of Stellar Speedup Mac, you can remove System Junks, Trash, Leftovers, Log Files, and Manages Extensions from the Boot volume completely free. Download and run to see how much unused data you can clean up with Stellar Speedup Mac.


Fix Your Slow Mac

You would literally define your Mac as crawling with snail’s speed. Opening or copying files, saving data might be a hopeless job for you. For an instance, you would have just thought of reinstalling OS X at the stake of your valuable data; but just give it a second thought, when you can fix your slow Mac with Stellar Speedup Tool. Fix your slow Mac today and regain its original rocketing speed…

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Clean up Cache Files

Cache, which are generated and stored on your Mac in large number are collection of duplicate data of the original values. These cache files are generated through CPU, hard drive, and Internet usage and they adversely affect the processing speed of your Mac. Stellar Speedup Mac removes all the cache files so that your Mac processes the instructions faster.

Delete Universal Binaries

Universal binaries are other forms of files that silently reside on your Mac and consume memory space and processing power. They drastically affect the file access speed and overall working of your Mac. Remove the Universal Binaries to optimize the speed of your Mac and make it faster than ever.

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Remove Language Files

Whenever we install any application on our Mac, the related language files (other than English or your local language) are also installed with it automatically. While, we never make use of the languages, they still reside on our Mac and run in the background as the time we are using that App. This tool removes all the unwanted language files from a particular application and provides resources to the Mac to run other applications.

Delete Large Files

Large Files consumes scattered memory space, causing a fragmented hard drive. While most of the large files are of hardly any use in due course of time, still we have them saved in your Mac without ever realizing that they become real cause of a slow Mac. Identify and clean up all the large files from your Mac and give it the rocketing speed that you have always wished for.

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Delete Duplicate Files

The most critical reason for slow opening of files is the occurrence of a number of duplicate files in different folders and partitions of Mac. Delete all instances of the duplicate files with Stellar Speedup Mac, free up system resource, optimize your Mac for other important activities and experience a much faster file access speed. Practically, you save time for other vital priorities. Now removes duplicates from iTunes, iWork, iMovies, iPhoto and Aperture.

Remove Unused Spaces

A scattered Mac drive saved the files, folders and all other data in a non-contiguous fashion. This results in to a number of valuable hard drive spaces lying unused all over. Eventually, you cannot make optimum use of the hard drive space and it brings hindrance in data read and write process. Remove all the unused spaces with this Mac speedup tool and gain valuable drive space and speed.

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Remove Unwanted Apps

We download and use numerous apps on our Mac. Some of them are really cool and essential, while, we stop using most of the tools after a certain period. However, we hardly care to permanently uninstall them from our Mac and for which together they consume a lot of drive space in the primary Boot volume and make it difficult for the other necessary apps to run properly. The good thing is that with the ‘Uninstaller’ module, you can clean up them with simple ‘Drag & Drop’.

Delete Log Files

For every activity we do on our Mac, the system creates, maintains, and saves a Log of the entire process. In due course of time, accumulation of these Log files, increase burden on the processing power and consumes important memory in the main volume and temporary memory. Delete all the Log files and optimize you primary Mac volume for enhanced speed.

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download speedup mac

* Free Download software to remove log files,system junks, trash, leftovers and manages extension for free.
Register the software to avail more clean up Mac features.




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This tool justifies its name perfectly. It really boosted my Mac performance and cleaned about 3GB of space in drive. Thanks to Stellar for Speed Up Mac software and I would like to recommend it for users having problem of slow Mac.

CS (Australia)

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